Early Assurance Program

Students take the oath of a pharmacist

The Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy allows highly qualified applicants the opportunity to receive early acceptance into the Harrison School of Pharmacy's (HSOP) Doctor of Pharmacy program. Students admitted to Auburn University, the University of South Alabama, and other approved colleges and universities can receive conditional admission to the HSOP. Successful matriculation into the HSOP would be dependent upon meeting subsequent requirements while enrolled as an undergraduate student.

High school seniors and undergraduate students admitted to or attending HSOP-approved colleges and universities are eligible to submit an EAP application through PharmDirect.


  1. High school seniors and undergraduate students admitted to or attending HSOP-approved colleges and universities are eligible to submit an EAP application through PharmDirect.
  2. Minimum standards are as follows:
    1. High school seniors:
      1. Have a minimum GPA of 3.5
      2. Have minimum ACT Composite and STEM scores of 26 (or comparable SAT scores)
        • For the 2020-21 application cycle, HSOP is waiving its ACT/SAT exam requirements for admission to its Early Assurance Program. This decision is a result of the limited number of ACT and SAT exams offered due to COVID-19.
    2. Undergraduate students:
      1. Have completed 2 semesters of college
      2. Have a minimum GPA of 3.5 on all undergraduate prerequisite coursework attempted at the designated undergraduate college/university.
      3. Have no grades of less than C
      4. Completion of at least 15 prerequisite math/science hours at the undergraduate college/university (course credit awarded by advanced placement cannot be used to meet this requirement).
  3. Applicants will be reviewed as they are received. The application deadline is April 1.
  4. Applicants will receive notification regarding their selection for an interview. These interviews are normally held in late spring.
  5. Following interviews, the Admissions Committee determines which applicants are admitted to the EAP.
  6. HSOP will track all EAP admitted applicants and hold future seats in the Doctor of Pharmacy program for all EAP admissions up to 4 years from the date that they matriculated into undergraduate course work. This allows applicants flexibility in the completion of their pre-pharmacy work including the option of completing a baccalaureate degree prior to matriculation, or matriculating at a time after they have completed their prerequisites.
  7. EAP students are expected to regularly participate in meetings and activities of their campus’ pre-pharmacy club and/or Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED) as well as other HSOP activities (e.g., HSOP Villages). Additional opportunities for EAP students to participate in HSOP activities will be announced each fall semester.
  8. At the completion of each academic semester, the HSOP will monitor the academic progress of each EAP participant. In order to maintain their reserved seat in the HSOP, students must:
    1. Be enrolled in a minimum of 12 prerequisite hours each semester (excluding summer terms)
    2. Maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 at the completion of each academic year
    3. Have no grade of less than C in any course
    4. Have no withdrawals from any course*
    5. Participate in required activities as outlined in #6.
    6. Have not been disciplined by their undergraduate college/university or a state licensing agency
  9. EAP participants are required to submit an application to PharmCAS by September 15 in the year prior to their planned matriculation into the HSOP. They will be reviewed to assure that they are in compliance with all of the requirements in #7. They must also demonstrate a plan for completing the remaining prerequisite courses without exceeding normal course loads. Those individuals meeting these requirements will not be re-interviewed and will be provided a formal offer of admission.
  10. Students who lose their EAP positions due to not maintaining the requirements stipulated in #7 remain eligible for admission using the HSOP’s traditional admission process.

*The HSOP's Associate Dean for Academic Programs will review on a case-by-case basis those students where extenuating circumstances may have resulted in course withdrawals.

Last Updated: September 25, 2020