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The OEL Team Supports the School Mission by:

  • developing and providing actual practice experiences which prepare Auburn students to become competent primary care practitioners who have the professional character, confidence, and decisiveness to provide pharmaceutical care and
  • sustaining an experiential program that is nationally recognized for innovations in experiential learning and assessment."


Experiential Learning Program
These resources provide information for preceptors and students.
The Office of Experiential Learning encourages you to provide feedback about other resources needed to provide quality instruction in the pharmacy practice setting.

bulletExperiential Learning Manual

bulletDI Resources

bulletSample Student CV

bulletReview Slides
bulletSecurity and Privacy Requirements

Blood Borne Pathogens
bulletBody Fluid Exposure Policy
bulletExposure Form and Guideline
bulletPost-exposure Consent Form
bulletHow To Protect Yourself From Needlestick Injuries
bulletPrevention of Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens and Needlesticks

AU Library

Patient Monitoring Forms

bulletPatient Monitoring Form 1
bulletPEDS Patient Monitoring Form
bulletPharmacotherapy Evaluation Form
bulletPatient Monitoring Form 2
bulletLab Values Form
bulletClinic Patient Visit Assessment Form
bulletPharmacotherapy Assessment Checklist

Additional Resources

bulletAvoiding Plagiarism
bulletStandards of Attire
bulletHonor Code
bulletStudent Pledge of Professionalism
bulletPharmacist's Letter Preceptor Training & Resource     Network
bulletNewsletter - "News from OEL"
bulletEast Alabama Medical Center Student Orientation
     - Documentation
     - Video (DejaView)


Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (PPE)
bulletCourse Syllabus

Faculty & Staff

Kyle, Kathy Kyle, Kathy
Administrative Coordinator, Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences
Stevenson, Lynn Stevenson, Lynn
Director, Office of Experiential Learning
Associate Clinical Professor
Shanks, Olivia Shanks, Olivia
Administrative Coordinator, Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences
Williamson, Margaret Williamson, Margaret
Assistant Clinical Professor
Staton, April Staton, April
Administrative Coordinator, Advanced Practice Experiences
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