Student-Patient Experience

Pharmacy student speaks to patient A pharmacy student speaks with a PPE patient in their home.

Pharmacy Practice Experience (PPE)

The Pharmacy Practice Experience (PPE) program at Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy (HSOP) began in the Fall of 1997. The program involves first, second and third year student pharmacists and all faculty of the HSOP. The experience is a longitudinal practice experience that spans six consecutive semesters in the first (P1) through third (P3) years of the curriculum. The program offers a health and medication monitoring service to volunteer patients in the local communities of Auburn/Opelika, Alabama and Mobile, Alabama.

For student-pharmacists, the experience has them interacting with patients as part of a team of other student pharmacists from their first week in the curriculum. The purposes of the program are to: 1) involve students in the provision of pharmaceutical care; 2) promote professional socialization -- including development of organizational, citizenship, and leadership skills; 3) develop reflective thinking skills which are the key to successful learning; and 4) teach real-life application to what they are learning in the classroom.

For the volunteer patients, the purpose is to provide meaningful assistance with health– and medication-related needs and to serve as an additional health resource and advocate.

Approximately 450 student pharmacists are divided into 28 teams of 15-17 students and 2-3 faculty mentors. At least one mentor on each team is a practicing, licensed pharmacist. Each team is assigned a case-load of volunteer patients for which they are responsible for making visits with throughout each semester. The teams meet once a week at the school to discuss patient medication regimens and any health care needs. Patient confidentiality is maintained at all times.

Last Updated: August 31, 2017