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Internal Scholarships

The Harrison School of Pharmacy awards scholarships that are funded through endowments and gifts. There are no full scholarships to the Doctor of Pharmacy program. The limited funds are distributed among as many students as possible. Scholarships are awarded based upon: Academic Merit, Leadership Merit, and Financial Need.


Each spring, the HSOP Scholarship and Financial Aid Application Form is distributed to current students. During the summer, each applicant is considered for all appropriate scholarships and is notified of the selection committee’s decision. The student applying does not need to apply to each of these scholarships separately, but only needs to submit the one form to be considered for all of them.

Students recently admitted to HSOP for the coming academic year are not eligible to apply for scholarships.

Students who have not yet been admitted to HSOP should not concern themselves with this process. HSOP personnel are not able to give an indication of what financial assistance a student or potential student might expect to receive, as every case is different and as the amount of funds available changes each year.

Click here to view a list of the various funds from which HSOP awards scholarships.

Auburn University and the Harrison School of Pharmacy are grateful to the donors for their generosity.

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Revised August 20, 2014