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Classroom computers set up

The Harrison School of Pharmacy (HSOP) utilizes Auburn University instructional technology resources such as Canvas, Panopto, Qualtrics, and Zoom. HSOP IT personnel are able to help you with day-to-day operation of your teleconferencing and recording needs for class, meetings, seminars, webinars, etc. HSOP also has in-house AV support for classrooms, conference rooms and team rooms at all HSOP locations.

Auburn campus and offsite clinic locations please contact HSOP OIT at 334-844-8362 or place a ticket to for assistance.

Mobile campus please contact Chuck Bolivar or place a ticket to for assistance.


In house support for all classrooms, conference rooms and team rooms.

  • All rooms have Zoom meeting and Zoom Cloud Recording capabilities.
  • All rooms have microphones, camera(s), speakers and monitor(s) and/or projection.
  • Classrooms have a PC, document camera and a laptop connection for you to generate content.
  • Detailed How To articles


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Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS) for undergrad and graduate courses. Each semester AU sets up your Canvas course and is ready for you to add syllabi, video, modules and other tools.


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  • Panopto is a recording and video storage cloud service for course and administrative needs.
  • Integrated with Canvas as a menu item titled “Panopto Recordings”.
  • Recordings from Zoom import into a Canvas course’s “Panopto Recordings”.
  • Users can record a Panopto video with audio, video and content.
  • Viewers can search those Panopto videos for content.
  • Panopto has as editor to edit videos, captions and add quizzes.
  • Closed Captioning (CC) can be auto generated and edited for correctness.
  • Various settings allow you to make video available to the class, individuals or anyone.
  • Detailed How To articles
  • Biggio Center at


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Qualtrics helps you to create web-oriented surveys, organize the information and create reports.


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Zoom is an audio / video communication cloud service for course and administrative needs.

  • All AU employees and students have the ability to create a Zoom account.
  • Connects any user via phone, VoIP, computer, device and Polycom units.
  • Expand your conferencing with colleges throughout the country and world.
  • You can share content, annotate on content, record meetings, close caption and more.
  • HSOP can conduct Webinars anytime with up to 500 participants.
  • Detailed How To articles
  • Biggio Center at

Auburn University Biggio Center - Instructional Technology


Biggio Center Instructional Technology’s priority is always the learning goal, not the learning gadget.

  • Assist you in integrating instructional technologies in a way that complements both your teaching style and your learning goals.
  • Provide resources and services to faculty and GTAs to promote the use of technology in the teaching and learning environment.
  • Collaborate with our technology specialists, instructional designer, and faculty developers whose shared mission is to support and empower your teaching through technology.
  • Offer a variety of workshops throughout the year, either in our lab or at your department (as requested), and consult with faculty and GTAs for just-in-time help.
  • Visit here to learn more about the Biggio Center.

Video Workflows from Zoom to Panopto to Canvas


Zoom to Panopto to Canvas

  1. One creates a recording in a Zoom meeting
  2. Downloads the video from the Zoom Cloud to their computer.
  3. Uploads the video to “Panopto Recordings” in the Canvas class.
  4. One can change the videos attributes such as the title, sharing, release date, closing date, etc.
  5. Viewers have basic control over the video…play, stop, scrub, captioning and play speeds.

Panopto Recorder to Canvas

  1. One can create rich content video with the Panopto Recorder in which viewers can search the video content.
  2. You can start the Panopto Recorder from the Canvas course > Panopto Recordings menu selection.
  3. Once you are done, the video will post in the Canvas course.
  4. One can change the videos attributes such as the title, sharing, release date, closing date, etc.
  5. In addition to basic controls,
  1. Viewers can scrub trough the PowerPoint thumbnails.
  2. The video power Point content is displayed.
  3. Viewers can search the video PowerPoint content for any word and are shown the location of that word in the video.
  4. Viewers can make notes, Bookmarks and Discussion threads.


Daniel Caldwell

Daniel Caldwell
Associate Director, Information and Instructional Technology

Chris Arrington

Chris Arrington
Information Technology Specialist IV
Systems Admin

Chuck Bolivar

Chuck Bolivar
Information Technology Specialist IV
End User Specialist

Don Davino

Don Davino
Instructional Technology Specialist IV
Instructional Specialist

Steven Penny

Steven Penny
Informational Technology Specialist III

Last Updated: January 13, 2022