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Official HSOP Student Organizations

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Whenever possible, students are encouraged to develop some outside activities in addition to their academic studies. A well balanced college career consists of both extracurricular involvement and classroom and laboratory work. This will lead to a better, more all-around individual.

About Student Organizations

The Harrison Harrison School of Pharmacy, like all functioning school bodies, has a system of student input into campus and school affairs. Through involvement, the student can help represent fellow students and assure adequate student input.

The student can become involved at the campus level through the Student Government Association (S.G.A.) which represents the students in campus and school affairs. Each student, upon paying student activity fees, becomes a member of the Student Government Association. Offices of the executive branch of the S.G.A. are outlined in the Tiger Cub, along with duties, qualifications, and requirements for election. The executive cabinet and executive committee performs integral function in the S.G.A. These appointed positions are filled by the S.G.A. President each Spring after elections. Interested students are encouraged to apply directly to the S.G.A. President. The Student Senate is also a vital part of the S.G.A. The qualifications, duties and requirements for senators are found HERE. There are twenty-nine senators elected from the schools and colleges. There are five senators-at-large which may be enrolled in any school or college and are to be voted on by the entire student body. The Harrison School of Pharmacy has one representative to the Student Senate. The senator from the Harrison School of Pharmacy has a voice in the Student Senate and is a member of the HSOP Student Council.

Students also have opportunities here at Auburn University to join:

  • Choral Groups
  • Auburn University Bands
  • Theatrical clubs
  • A number of Honorary Clubs
  • Obtain military training and join military organizations
  • Social and honorary fraternities and sororities
  • Participate in intercollegiate and recreational sports
  • Religious groups
  • School and Departmental
  • Service clubs
  • Special interest groups
  • Political interest groups, such as the SGA (student government association)
  • UPC (university program council) committees

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Last Updated: August 18, 2021