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HSOP recognizes annual award winners

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April 19, 2021

AUBURN, Alabama - Outstanding Harrison School of Pharmacy students, staff, faculty members and preceptors were recognized in virtual ceremonies March 25-26 as part of the 61st Annual Hargreaves Awards Program.

In all, more than 60 awards were given to more than 100 recipients. Dr. Dana Carroll took the top honor, the Hargreaves Faculty Mentor Award.

The awards program is coordinated by the HSOP Awards Committee. Serving on the committee are Dr. Sylvia Rogers (Chair), Dr. Miranda Andrus, Charlotte Cheatham, Marcia Farrar, Dr. Brent Fox, Dr. Kelly Hester, Dr. Amal Kaddoumi, Dr. Kristi Kelly, Dr. Kaitlin Lisenby, Dr. Olivia Shanks and Dr. Sean Smithgall. Additionally, Jenny Johnston coordinated graduate student awards.

This Year's Award Winners

Pharm.D. Student Awards

ALSHP Student Service Award
Ashley Robertson

Viatris Excellence in Pharmacy Award
Jackson Spradlin

Award of Excellence in Clinical Communication
Justin Weinstein

Excellence in Hospital Practice
Chance Partlow

Dr. Byron B. Williams Award
Mafe Zmajevac

Professionalism Awards
P1: Lori Black
P2: Kaitlin Beyer
P3: Zuri Foster
P4: Tinia Harris

Auburn University President's Award
Madeline Sheffield

HSOP Graduation Marshal
Aaron Bissell

Pharmacy Student Research Award
Amanda Alstatt
Caroline Jackson
Tiffany Cadwallader

Walker Medal
Greg Taylor

McKesson Drug Company Award
Harley Moore

Merck Award
Gabrielle Gill
Luke Hentrich
Victoria Donaldson

U.S. Public Health Service Excellence in Public Health Pharmacy Practice Award
Alexandria Steege

Rho Chi Award
Rachel Breuers

Rho Chi Alumni Award
Dr. Erin McCreary

SGA Outstanding Student Award
Linda Tran

Student Council Officer Recognition
Lauren Campisi (President)
Megan Cullip (Vice President-Auburn)
Hannah Bricker (Vice President-Mobile)
Jayson Hairston (Secretary)
Brianna Whitfield (Treasurer-Auburn)
Holly Wiggins (Treasurer-Mobile)
Kaitlin Beyler (Senator)

Pharmacy Student Council Leadership Award
Elizabeth Locklier
Nina Stewart

Graduate Student Awards

2020 Dean’s Travel Awards
Abdullaziz Al Mouslem
Sura Almahasis
Ahmed Alnaim
Manjusha Annaji
Fada Alghenaim
Ammar Bahauddin
Sayak Chakravarti
Brandy Davis
Shahariar Fahim
Kabre Heck
Charlotte Muse
Qianman Peng
Ishwor Poudel
Kaniz Tanni
Cong Bong Truong
Yi Zhao
Chenyu Zou

2019 Dean’s Travel Awards
Bidur Banjara
Brandy Davis
Shahariar Fahim
Chao Li
Cassidi McDaniel
Ahmed Mishuk
Nabin Poudel
Kaniz Tanni
Yi Zhao

2020 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant
Josh Davis
Charlotte Muse
Logan Neel
Ishwor Poudel
Warren Smith

2020 American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Travel Award
Qianman Peng

2019 American Chemical Society Travel Award
Mansour Alturki

2020 VCOM Research Day
Priyanka Pinky, 2nd Place
Mohammed Almaghrabi, Honorable Mention

2020 Pharmacogenomics Research Network Annual Meeting
Sayak Chakravarti, Honorable Mention

2020 Center for Neuroscience Initiative Retreat
Manoj Govindarajulu, 2nd Place
Manjusha Annaji, Honorable Mention
Sharay Setti, Honorable Mention

Merriwether Fellowship
2020: Shahariar Fahim
2020: Qianman Peng
2021: Cassidi McDaniel
2021: Qianman Peng

Outstanding Ph.D. Student
2020: Chao Li
2020: Priyanka Pinky
2021: Logan Neel
2021: Nabin Poudel

Outstanding M.S. Student
2021: Bidur Banjara

Outstanding International Student 2020
Wu Chen
Shahariar Fahim
Fnu Ibtisam
Priyanka Pinky

Presidential Graduate Research Fellowship
2019: Sindhu Ramesh
2019: Kaniz Tanni
2020 Manjusha Annaji
2020: Chih-Ting Lai
2020: Kelli McDonald

2019 Annual NanoBio Summit Poster Competition
Ishwor Poudel, 1st Place
Josh Davis, 3rd Place

Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation Young Investigator Award
2020: Priyanka Pinky
2019: Sindhu Ramesh

AACP Walmart Scholar
Cassidi McDaniel

2019 Alabama Pharmacy Association Research & Education Foundation Grant
Ruth Jeminiwa
Cassidi McDaniel

Center for Neuroscience Initiative Fellowship
Manoj Govindarajulu
Logan Neel
Priyanka Pinky
Sindhu Ramesh
Sharay Setti

American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Research Fellowship
Brandy Davis
Cassidi McDaniel
Logan Neel

Center for Clinical and Translational Science Pre-Doctoral Clinical/Translational Research TL1 Scholar
Cassidi McDaniel

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
Chao Li
Priyanka Pinky

Faculty/Staff/Community Awards

Hargreaves Faculty Mentor Award
Dana Carroll

Pharmacy Student Council Advocate Award
Glady’s Heard

Student Government Association Outstanding Teacher Award
Sarah Cogle

Outstanding Resident Teacher Award
Jenna Nehls

Preceptors of Excellence Awards (Affiliate Faculty)
Auburn/Montgomery: Jason Dover
Birmingham/Tuscaloosa: Sadie Stone
Columbus: Autumn Gordon
Huntsville: Jerry Robinson
Mobile/Pensacola: Kim Hatcher

Preceptors of Excellence Awards (Faculty)
Auburn/Montgomery: Lena McDowell
Birmingham/Tuscaloosa: Dana Carroll
Columbus: Lori Hornsby
Huntsville: Haley Phillippe
Mobile/Pensacola: Karen Marlowe

Outstanding Distance Learning Preceptor
Kevin Astle

Preceptor of the Year
Jacob Boydston

2019 Faculty Research and Outreach Awards
Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute
Surachat Ngorsuraches

Alabama Department of Public Health
Haley Phillippe
Brent Fox
Karen Marlowe

West Virginia University/Department of Justice
Randall Clark
Jack DeRuiter

Alabama Department of Mental Health
Karen Marlowe
Brent Fox
Haley Phillippe

Alabama Department of Public Health
Kimberly Braxton Lloyd
Lynn Stevenson
Kristi Kelley

Raj Amin
Rusty Arnold
Vishnu Suppiramaniam

Drug Effectiveness Review Project
Richard Hansen
Jingjing Qian
Wesley Lindsey
Bernie Olin

2020 Faculty Research and Outreach Awards
Alabama Department of Public Health
Brent Fox
Haley Phillippe
Karen Marlow

National Institutes of Health
Vishnu Suppiramaniam
Miranda Reed
Rusty Arnold

Star Pharmacy
Kimberly Braxton Lloyd
Spencer Durham

Natalie Hohmann
Surachat Ngorsuraches

Drug Effectiveness Review Project
Cherry Jackson
Taylor Steuber

Peter Panizzi and Rusty Arnold
Raj Amin

Friend of Pharmacy Award
Dr. Scott Harris, State Health Officer from the Alabama Department of Public Health

Outstanding Contribution from Auburn University Colleague
Kelly Strickland, AU School of Nursing
Danilea Werner, AU Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

Friend of Experiential Education Award
Roland Naseman

Continuing Education Presenter of the Year
2020: Salisa Westrick
2021: Kevin Astle

Outstanding Health Professional Award
2020: Camille Quiles
2021: Dave Brackett

Outstanding Staff Member Award
2020: John Folmar
2021: Stephanie Butler

Embracing Innovation Award
2020: April Staton
2021: Dody Roughton

Exemplary Service Staff Award
2020: Dave Brackett
2021: Kaylen Anderson

Exemplary Leadership Staff Award
2020: Paige Patterson
2021: Chris Smith

Pinnacle Award
2020: Dr. Glady’s Heard
2021: Clinical Health Services


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