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Research in the Department of Pharmacy Practice is focused on the implementation and analyses of collaborative health care models in hospitals and other health care settings, prospective and retrospective identification of optimal pharmacotherapy regimens for a variety of disease states, implementation and analyses of vaccination programs, and implementation and analyses of innovations in pharmacy education.


Scott Penzak, Pharm.D. (Specialty Areas: Pharmacokinetics/Drug Metabolism/Pharmacogenomics/Infectious Diseases): Penzak’s research is focused mainly on pharmacokinetics, pharmacogenomics, drug-drug, and drug-herb interactions primarily –but not exclusively, with antiinfective medications. His research has been conducted in healthy volunteers as well as patients with HIV infection. More recently, he has developed an interest in the pharmacotherapy of medications used for the treatment of Covid-19.

Kimberly Braxton-Lloyd, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Ambulatory Care). Dr. Braxton Lloyd conducts research on the provision of pharmaceutical care services to beneficiaries of self-insured health benefit plans with a goal of demonstrating the value of medication therapy management services. She has secured extramural/intramural grants and contracts related to the evaluation of pharmaceutical care services and wellness programs for women in ambulatory care clinic environments.

Cherry Jackson, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Psychiatry/Neuro). Dr. Jackson's research interest is focused on adverse effects, post-marketing surveillance, and new uses of psychiatric medications. Her primary interest is schizophrenia and affective disorders, but she has done research in multiple areas of psychopharmacology.

Paul Jungnickel, Ph.D. (Specialty Area: Gastrointestinal/Liver Disease). Dr. Jungnickel's research and scholarly interests are focused on pharmacotherapy of gastrointestinal and liver diseases, as well as the study of issues related to pharmacy education, including student affairs issues and substance abuse/chemical dependency in health professionals and health professions students. He also maintains a scholarly interest in various aspects of health care policy.

Karen Marlowe, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Internal Medicine/Pain). Dr. Marlowe's research interests include areas related to internal medicine with a focus on pain management. Her publications have focused on drug induced disease, pain and palliative care, and pharmacokinetics. Ongoing research includes evaluations of current perceptions of health care practitioners regarding patients with pain and the use of opioids in practice.


Miranda Andrus, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Family Medicine). Dr. Andrus' research has primarily focused on the management of chronic diseases and medication reconciliation in the outpatient setting. Her educational research centers around experiential teaching, with a focus on documentation of clinical interventions, SOAP note writing, and  assessment methods.

Dana Carroll, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Family Medicine). Dr. Carroll's clinical research has primarily focused on patient care outcomes related to interprofessional care in diabetes and geriatrics. She also has scholarly endeavors assessing outcomes from APPE education and interprofessional education.  She has published primarily in the area of women's health (gestational diabetes and menopausal vasomotor symptom management).

Lea Eiland, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Pediatrics). Dr. Eiland’s research has primarily focused on the area of pediatrics, specifically in infectious disease regarding vancomycin dosing.  She has also studied caregivers' perspectives and off-label use of medications in the pediatric population. Her educational research areas include documentation of clinical interventions, faculty mentoring, and teaching and assessment methods.

Kelly Hester, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: HIV/Ambulatory Care). Dr. Hester's research has primarily focused on the pharmacotherapy of HIV disease and management of metabolic and cardiovascular risks and complications. Additionally Dr. Hester has explored vitamin D deficiency and CKD in the HIV population, and perceptions of health. Currently, she is conducting research in diabetes care, bone health, vaccine utilization, and antiretroviral switch studies with novel therapies in HIV patients.

Kristi Kelley, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Ambulatory Care/Diabetes). Dr. Kelley's research has primarily focused on the management of chronic diseases - primarily diabetes, hypertension, and dyslipidemia - in the primary care setting and the pharmacist's role in collaboration with primary care providers. In addition, Dr. Kelley has undertaken research regarding education innovations in pharmacy education for both didactic and experiential education as well as overall curricular issues.

Heather Whitley, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Diabetes Care/Population Health). Dr. Whitley’s research focuses on diabetes care in the ambulatory care educational setting. She has received grant funding to investigate and facilitate the diagnosis populations with unidentified diabetes, which has led to additional awards for implementing ADA-recognized Diabetes Self-Management Educational Services and Multidisciplinary Diabetes Clinics. She continues to investigate the impact these efforts have on improving patient care in the ambulatory care setting and on population health.


Marilyn Bulloch, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Acute Care/Geriatrics). Dr. Bulloch's research is focused on pharmacologic interventions in the inpatient setting and preventative strategies against deleterious risks associated with suboptimal prescribing in adult patients in the acute or long-term care setting. Her other areas of research interest include geriatric pharmacotherapy, infectious diseases, and education strategies in the adult student population.

Allison Chung, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Pediatrics). Dr. Chung's research is focused on pediatrics, HIV and asthma. Her primary area of interest is pediatric critical care and anticonvulsants. She has obtained grant support for research involving pharmacist involvement in a mobile asthma clinic.

Spencer Durham, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Infectious Diseases). Dr. Durham’s research is focused towards the area of infectious diseases. His primary areas of interest are antimicrobial stewardship, urinary tract infection and skin/soft tissue infection treatment, vaccines, and HIV medicine.

Allison Helmer, Pharm.D. Dr. Meyer's research interests include management of chronic disease states, particularly cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Other interests include evaluation of teaching methods in experiential education. Current projects include evaluating the impact of pharmacists on transitions of care, understanding perceptions of internal medicine physicians on clinical pharmacy, and evaluating a SOAP note rubric during APPE rotations.

Bobby Helmer, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Internal Medicine). Dr. Helmer's research interests include areas related to internal medicine including pulmonology, liver disease, and transitions of care. Additionally, his interests include interdisciplinary education and scholarship of teaching and learning.

Amber Hutchison, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Internal Medicine/Geriatrics). Dr. Hutchison's clinical research interests include geriatric acute disease state management, stroke therapy, anticoagulation, infectious diseases, and scholarship of teaching and learning in both a skills lab setting and experiential setting. Her current projects include geriatric sensitivity training, clinical skills lab teaching, OSCE outcomes, and learning in the APPE setting.

Erika Kleppinger, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Ambulatory Care). Dr. Kleppinger's research is primarily focused on the scholarship of teaching and learning, particularly her experiences with teaching in a pharmacy skills laboratory, Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCEs), and experiential education. Her clinical interests are focused in diabetes disease state management and patient education.

Wesley Lindsey, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Drug Information). Dr. Lindsey's research interests include drug information resource utilization in different areas of clinical practice as well as instruction methods in literature evaluation. He is also currently conducting research regarding student responses to ethical dilemmas in providing drug information to patients and practitioners as well as student perceptions and practices in plagiarism.

Rebecca Maxson, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Nephrology). Dr. Maxson's research interests include drug dosing for patients with reduced kidney function including those on hemodialysis, health literacy in patients with CKD, and scholarship of teaching and learning in the experiential setting. Her current projects include validation of a new health literacy tool in CKD patients, vancomycin dosing for hospitalized hemodialysis patients, assessment of CKD boot camp for APPE students and the value of reflection and reflective reading with APPE students.

Emily McCoy, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Ambulatory Care/Internal Medicine). Dr. McCoy's research has primarily been focused in chronic disease management, specifically in the areas of diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension and heart failure. Other areas of research interest include the pharmacist's impact on management of chronic disease state control and scholarship of teaching.

Bernie Olin, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Drug Information). Dr. Olin's research revolves around drug information practice and involves topics such as plagiarism, writing skills in pharmacy training as well as the use and utility of various drug information sources to the intended pharmacy or lay audience. Pharmacy history is another area of interest.

Haley Phillippe, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Ambulatory Care). Dr. Phillippe's research has primarily focused on anticoagulation management and geriatric medicine. She has published in the areas of hypercoagulable states, INR management, alteplase therapy, target specific oral anticoagulants, and pharmacist management of medication related issues in the elderly.

Nathan Pinner, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Internal Medicine). Dr. Pinner's researched has primarily focused on pulmonary pharmacotherapy and the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Pamela Stamm, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Ambulatory Care). Dr. Stamm's research focuses on undergraduate professional education and quality improvement in ambulatory care pharmacy practice. Her research interests include problem based learning as a method for education, methods for designing and assessing student and professional portfolios, as well as, improving student documentation (SOAP writing) and impact (interventions) in ambulatory care services.

Jessica Starr, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Internal Medicine). Dr. Starr's research has focused on cardiovascular pharmacotherapy and the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Taylor Steuber, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Internal Medicine). Dr. Steuber's research interests are in areas relating to internal medicine including infectious diseases, pulmonology and anticoagulation. In addition, he has a strong interest in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Lynn Stevenson, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Ambulatory Care). Dr. Stevenson's research has primarily focused on the scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL) related to experiential education. Research and publications involve experiential education management, APPE availability limitations, documentation of students' clinical interventions during APPEs and the IPPE program at HSOP.


Courtney Alexander, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Pharmacogenomics). Dr. Alexander's clinical and research interests include pediatric and adult oncology and pharmacogenomics.

Julie Farrar, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Critical Care). Dr. Farrar's areas of specialty include critical care with her current practice in surgical/trauma intensive care. Research interests include pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics, anticoagulation, traumatic brain injury, sedation, and analgesia.

Jeanna Sewell, Pharm.D. (Specialty Area: Ambulatory Care). Dr. Sewell's research interests include chronic disease state management in the outpatient setting, as well as innovative ambulatory care services.

Sean Smithgall, Pharm.D. Dr. Smithgall's research interests involve investigating factors for success in healthcare students and professionals as well as transitions of care and the impact of pharmacists in transitions of care.


Lindsey Hohmann, Pharm.D., Ph.D. (Research Area: Implementation Science). Dr. Lindsey Hohmann is an Assistant Professor in the Pharmacy Practice Department at the Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy. She has developed a research portfolio focusing on practice-based mixed methods studies with expertise in implementation science. Her goal is to serve as a catalyst to help institutionalize and sustain programs in real-world healthcare organizations, translating findings into practice to enable replication of successful processes in other organizations and scale up dissemination. As such, her research contributions can be classified into two areas: 1) substance misuse prevention strategies; and 2) implementation of innovations and preventive services in healthcare organizations.

Natalie Hohmann, Pharm.D., Ph.D. (Research Area: Decision Science). Dr. Natalie Hohmann is an Assistant Professor in the Pharmacy Practice Department at the Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy. She is a health services researcher with expertise in decision science. Her goal is to develop point-of-care tools that help patients, family caregivers, and providers make better healthcare decisions by improving 1) risk communication and shared decision-making, and 2) quality of care. Her research portfolio focuses on patient-centered studies investigating social and behavioral aspects of health, including chronic disease self-management, cancer care coordination, and fall prevention among older adults.

Last Updated: May 31, 2022