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Division of Academic Programs

Doctor of Pharmacy

The Harrison College of Pharmacy offers an innovative, modern, high-quality, and diverse curriculum to train outstanding health care professionals and educate the Practice Ready Pharmacist.

Graduate Programs

Students have the opportunity to earn Ph.D. and M.S. degrees under faculty members conducting life-saving and groundbreaking research. Academic options are available in Health Outcomes Research and Policy, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, and Pharmacology.

Bachelor's Degree Program

HCOP offers a Bachelor's Degree in Drug and Biopharmaceutical Sciences. Students experience an instructional and research-intensive academic environment that provides a deeper understanding of drug development and pharmaceutical sciences.

Dual Degree Programs

For students interested in earning an additional degree along with their Pharm.D., the Harrison School of Pharmacy offers options to enroll in either a Pharm.D.-Ph.D. or Pharm.D.-MPH progam.

Post-Graduate Education

Through the Clinical Affairs and Outreach division, the Harrison School of Pharmacy offers a wide variety of continuing education options for practitioners, including live and online programs.

The Division of Academic Programs at the Harrison College of Pharmacy holds extensive responsibility over programs that facilitate academic and professional growth among HSOP student pharmacists and graduate students. A prospective student is often introduced to the unit during the recruitment process, when individuals interested in the pharmacy and pharmaceutical professions meet with the Director of Recruitment or another members of the staff.

For Pharm.D. admission, HCOP is a member of the PharmCAS centralized application service, which allows prospective student pharmacists to apply to multiple pharmacy schools using a single web-based application. Between an active recruitment program and participation in PharmCAS, the HSOP continues to attract a very competitive applicant pool for each class of 150 student pharmacists.

Additionally, the Academic Programs unit oversees the recruitment and matriculation of students pursuing graduate degrees. HSOP offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences. At the time students complete an application for admission they will select one of four curricular options: Health Outcomes Research and Policy, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, and Pharmacology.

Academic Programs is also responsible for student academic progression and assists students as needed to facilitate their success. A key component is the Office of Student Success, whose members are charged with guiding and directing student pharmacists through their progression to becoming Practice Ready Pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists.

Throughout the academic year, Academic Programs provides administrative oversight and coordination to a variety of annual student events and activities, which include the Scholarship Recognition Ceremony, Rho Chi Honor Society Initiation, Career Day, Hargreaves Day, Awards Ceremony, and Commencement. Academic Programs also administers the school’s awards and scholarship programs.

HCOP Academic Departments

Last Updated: October 27, 2023